Mailchimp Email Signup For Facebook Pages

Follow these instructions to add a Mailchimp Email Signup Form to your Facebook Page.


Facebook Insights – Pages to Watch

Did you know…….you can watch up to five competitor pages within your Facebook insights?

Social Days of the Week

We’ve put together some social media hashtag trends to involve in your social media campaigns, throughout the week.

Preparing For Your Summer Holiday

Did you know 89 percent of small business owners admit to working while on holiday? Don’t let this happen to you! Hire the services of Felicity at The Virtual Assistant UK.

Top Tips to Working with a Virtual Assistant

If you have so many tasks on your ‘To Do’ list that you have barely any time to focus on business and what makes you money then it would be worthwhile to consider appointing a Virtual Assistant (VA) and letting go of some of the administrative tasks that you find boring or annoying, to allow you to focus on what you love doing.