How to End Each Workday Happy

Gratitude is the best attitude and positive thoughts are powerful are two of my main mantras.  Sometimes when we’re busy with work deadlines and trying to complete everything we often leave the office feeling unsatisfied with our day and feeling unaccomplished.  We forget to look over our accomplishments and realise the positive impact they’ve had on our productivity.

So here are my top tips on how to end each work day happy:

1. Review Your Accomplishments

Whether you manage your tasks on a written piece of paper or an online management tool, spend a few minutes reflecting on the tasks that you’ve successfully completed throughout the day.

This action will help to reinforce how productive your day has been and will make you feel good before shutting down for the evening.

If you haven’t managed to tick any tasks off your list, or you’ve only completed the simple tasks don’t let this bother you too much.  An occasional off day every now and again is fine.

2. Prepare for Tomorrow & Evaluate your To Do List

Prioritise your actions for tomorrow so once you’ve switched on your computer in the morning, you know what task you’re undertaking first.

Consider; deadlines, priorities, meetings to prepare for and urgent tasks to enable you to prioritise.  Do this and you may notice you’re not spending your evenings thinking about it.

3. Organise Your Desk

A tidy desk is a tidy mind, as they say.  I’m a stickler for a tidy desk and like to have all my stationery is one place and all client folders in order.  It’s actually a running joke with my old colleagues that if anyone wanted to anti-bac their desk they could find cleaning products in my drawer. Lol.

You’ll leave your office knowing that you’ll walk into a nice, tidy office in the morning and be ready to get to work.

4. Have Something to Look Forward To

I find being a Freelancer that getting out of the house/office at least once per day installs a happy working environment.  Whether it’s to catch up with a friend over coffee or telephone call, go to the gym, take a walk or spend time with a loved one, it’s important for your personal well-being to have something to look forward to each day.

If you’re looking forward to something then you’re more likely to enjoy your day!

By following these tips and taking control of your day, it helps to steer you in a positive direction and each day will end on a happy note.



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