Smart Small Business Blogging Tips

We’re coming to the end of social media month where I’ve been sharing lots of handy tips and tricks to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to improve their social media presence!  I hope you’ve found the tips I’ve shared useful and have looked to apply them to your social media strategy.

I’ve shared tips on How to add Competitor Pages to Watch on Facebook‘ and Integrating your Facebook and Mailchimp to Add a Signup Form to your Facebook Page as well as an article about LinkedIn Etiquette and Tips.  My most recent blog contained 12 Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business Owners.

The final tips I’d like to share with you are blogging tips!  Did you know small businesses that blog generate 126% more leads?

You Don’t Have to be an Expert

Blogging is a huge trend within Marketing and should be applied to any business owners content strategy.  Blogging is a great way to get your brand out there and to take advantage of the SEO benefit.  As I mention in almost all of my blogs, it is essential you focus on the quality of your blog content rather than producing a large quantity.

By focusing your efforts on producing a high-quality blog article you will appear as an industry expert, sharing valuable knowledge with your customers.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

I say this a lot but, small businesses learn from each other!  It would be good practice to set up Google Alerts for specific keywords and create lists of your competitors on Twitter so that you can easily follow their content for your own inspiration.  Look to see which of their blogs receives the most engagement and comments and add the topic to your list of blog ideas for the future.

SEO Keywords and Phrases

It is good practice to try and understand what people in your industry are searching for, to create your blog.  Use Google’s Free Keyword Research Database, SERPS.

You need to create an effective title that will encourage the reader to click on your blog article. By adding keywords, you’re also optimising your post for search engines. The title of your post is incredibly important for its “SEO,” so you want to make sure you’re including a keyword or phrase in your headlines.  If you’re unsure about SEO I would suggest you look to download a WordPress plugin such as Yoast.

The Power of Sharing on Social Media

Sharing interesting content is the number one reason people follow brands on social media.  Be sure to share your blog articles on your social networks and to any Groups where others may find your blog informative and useful.

Social media activity can be timely and you may not see the benefit in being active on your social networks, however, each day you are active you are building brand awareness that could result in potential leads.

Be sure to add a question or call-to-action at the end of your blog to encourage people to engage with you.

Send with Your Monthly Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a vital part of any businesses marketing strategy.  Providing your emails contain informative content that your readers will find useful, I would suggest that you share your blog articles in your email marketing.

I won’t go into the more advanced tips for blogging such as backlinks, collaborations, specific networks for bloggers or images, on this occasion but follow my blog to keep updated on more tips for small business owners coming soon!

Not comfortable writing blogs for your business?

I can help you!  250-word, or 500-word feature article blog writing packages available on my website at

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