12 Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business Owners

This month we’ve been sharing lots of useful tips for small business owners to improve their social networks.  We’ve shared tips on How to add Competitor Pages to Watch on Facebook‘ and Integrating your Facebook and Mailchimp to Add a Signup Form to your Facebook Page as well as an article about LinkedIn Etiquette and Tips.

Are you having difficulty creating or searching for content for your Business social networks?

I see many abandoned Facebook pages due to business owners not having the time to manage their Page, or they are yet to see the value of investing in social media or they struggle to curate content for the Page.  I am a firm believer in quality over quantity which essentially means you don’t need to post multiple times a day to see a benefit.  In fact, it’s highly likely that you won’t see any benefit if you post too much!  However, if you attempt to post engaging, innovative, fun and informative content on a regular basis you will see an increase in likes, shares and comments and traffic to your website.

Here are My Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business Owners

1. Ask questions or ask your audience for help to solve a problem.

People like to answer questions and you never know, you may help to answer a dilemma they were having too.

  • Ask for feedback or help to make a decision about a new product, event, design.
  • Can you help with….?
  • What would you do if……?

2. Run a Poll on your Facebook Page and be sure to share the results.

  • Ask your audience what their favourite product is
  • Ask your audience what offers they would like to see

Click this link for Facebook’s Poll App.  It doesn’t take long to set up and provides a variety of poll ideas.

3. Share content from a variety of sources

Build a list of multiple credible sources within your industry that you could curate content from.  As a rule of thumb, attempt to curate all or part of the post in your own words and always links to the original source and credit the author, where possible.

4. Run a Competition/Contest!

Everyone likes to be in with a chance of winning something, right?  There are many great competition Apps available that you can use to run a competition and at the same time, subscribe emails to add to your list too.  See here for more details.


5. Share Blog Articles

When you share a post on Facebook about a blog you’ve recently written, be sure to share an excerpt from the blog article and provide a link to continue reading the blog.  Try not to share the blog without providing some detail in the post as to what the blog is about.  You will get more people clicking on the link to continue reading.

6. National Days and Seasonal Posts

If there is a cause relevant to your Brand, talk about it and show your audience that you’re a real person behind your Brand.  Share your enjoyment when the sun is out!

7. Educational 

Small business owners learn from each other and so be sure to share any useful information, or tutorials, or useful tools and software that could help your audience to improve.

8. Hints & Tips

As mentioned above, we learn from each other and so if you’ve found something that works well, share this information with your audience.

9. Testimonials

Shout about it when one of your customers/clients tells you how good you are!

10. Discounts for your audience only

Create an offer that applies only to your Facebook audience as a thank you to them for liking your Page.

11. Be Personal, every now and again.

Your audience will want to see the person behind the Page and so share something about you every so often.  Let your audience know when it’s your birthday, when it’s your business birthday, that you’re excited about something.  Personally, I’m a cat lady and so every now and again you’ll see my cats on my Page and I like to make out they’re my employees!

12. Share Inspirational Quotes & Ideas.

With so much negativity in the world, everyone needs to hear some positive words on a daily basis.


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