LinkedIn Etiquette and Tips

Throughout June, we’ve been sharing some top tips for your social media networks.  So far we’ve shared tips on ‘How to add Competitor Pages to Watch on Facebook‘ and Integrating your Facebook and Mailchimp to Add a Signup Form to your Facebook Page.

LinkedIn is one of the biggest online resources for building your business. With over 500 million users worldwide, it’s the only platform solely designed as a place for people to do business with one another so here are some tips to optimise your profile.

People Also Viewed

People Also Viewed’ is a list of 10 people LinkedIn shows each and every browser who comes to your Profile.  If you’re happy with the people showing on your ‘People Also Viewed’, don’t change it.  If on the other hand, you can see lots of competitors, or people you may not want to be associated with or don’t know, I would suggest switching this function off.

Did you know you can switch this function off?  Here’s how…

1. Log in to LinkedIn
2. Click the drop down menu under your profile photo where it says ‘me’
3. Choose ‘Settings & privacy’
4. Click the middle option that says ‘Privacy’
5. Go to the 3rd one down that says ‘Viewers of this profile also viewed’.
6. Change it so nobody can see people who are similar to you!

LinkedIn Etiquette Tips

  1. Make sure that your profile is clear and doesn’t have any gaps. Employers don’t want to feel like you’re holding back any important information from them.
  2. Make sure you include a bespoke message to people you are inviting to connect with you, rather than using the standard LinkedIn connection request text. Even if the person chooses not to accept your invitation, they will have seen that you made the effort.
  3. Respond to messages but don’t leave it too long.  1-2 days is the acceptable responding time.
  4. LinkedIn is a professional network and cannot be compared to Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to remain professional and share professional content and appropriate images.
  5. Be honest on your profile and do not attempt to embellish your skillset.
  6. Keep your profile regularly updated with key achievements.  You may want to switch off your activity updates so you don’t annoy connections with several update notifications, or make your employer suspicious that you may be updating due to considering a career change.
  7. If you are a company owner then create a Company Page to share company updates and industry news.
  8. Join Groups and network with industry peers.

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