Mailchimp Email Signup For Facebook Pages

In our previous blog article, we provided instructions on how to set up Competitor ‘Pages to Watch’ within your Facebook Page Insights.

If you’re looking to collect subscribers from your Business Facebook Page, did you know that you can integrate Facebook and Mailchimp and add an email signup form to your Facebook Page that will appear as a ‘tab’ on your Page?

Integrating your Mailchimp & Facebook.

  • You’ll need to access your Mailchimp account and set up the Facebook Integration.
  • You are permitted to add one signup form to each Facebook Page you manage via the profile you have integrated with Mailchimp.
  • ┬áSignup forms cannot be accessed via mobile and will only appear on the desktop version of Facebook.
  • The Facebook signup form works just like your MailChimp double opt-in hosted signup form. When someone fills out the form, they will be sent an email that asks them to confirm their subscription.
  • When the form is removed, it is removed from your Facebook Page.
  • The signup form uses fields from your list in Mailchimp and changes can be made to the signup form in Mailchimp

For full step-by-step instructions on how to add a signup form to your Facebook Page, visit Mailchimp’s Knowledge Base.

Are you utilising the new free automation service in Mailchimp? ┬áComment below and tell us how you’re communicating with your subscribers?

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