Social Days of the Week

June is The Virtual Assistant UK’s social media month.  We’ll be sharing lots of top tips to improve your social media networks and content marketing, so why not follow us on Facebook, Twitter or via our Blog to keep updated.

From Motivation Monday to Fun Friday, social media hashtag trends are a great way to engage with other social media users.  Getting involved and interacting with other users is a great way to build brand awareness, gain followers and drive traffic to your website.

We’ve put together some social media hashtag trends to involve in your social media campaigns, throughout the week.

While daily hashtags can boost your social media posts and improve your reach, to achieve best results, stick to hashtags closely related to your products and/or services and your brand identity.


  • Marketing Monday (#MarketingMonday) – Share your Marketing tips
  • Motivational Monday (#MotivationalMonday) – Start the week off with some motivational quotes
  • Mindful Monday (#MindfulMonday) – A great hashtag for wellbeing industries such as Yoga instructors or Life Coaches or those with businesses related to mental health industry
  • Monday Memories (#MondayMemories) – Share memories of your business or engage your audience by asking them to share their business-related memories
  • Manicure Monday (#ManicureMonday) – For health industries including Spas and Salons.


  • Transformation Tuesday (#TransformationTuesday) Before & After photos of a transformation project
  • Tip Tuesday (#TipTuesday) – Showcase helpful tips to your followers
  • Travel Tuesday (#TravelTuesday) – For Travel & Tourism Industries
  • Tuesday Trivia (#TuesdayTrivia) – Test the knowledge of your followers
  • Tech Tuesday (#TechTuesday) – Share news about new gadgets you’re using for your business or offer tech support or tips.


  • Wellness Wednesday (#WellnessWednesday) – Share tips with your followers on best ways to stay fit and healthy
  • Wisdom Wednesday – Share wise words of advice related to your industry
  • #HumpDay – Midweek hashtag to let your followers know your midweek achievements


  • Throwback Thursday (#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT) – Share photos of your business as a startup
  • Thankful Thursday (#ThankfulThursday) – Thank someone who has supported your business or a client or share details about what you’re thankful for. Gratitude is the best attitude and goes a long way towards building customer loyalty on social media
  • Thursday Thoughts (#ThursdayThoughts) – Engage people in a discussion to share ideas on how to improve their/your business


  • Follow Friday (#FollowFriday or #FF) – Follow a local business and encourage your audience to follow too
  • Fact Friday (#FactFriday) – Did you know…… sharing facts are a great way to provide informative data and engage your audience.
  • Friday Fun (#FridayFun) – We all need to laugh at the end of a long week so why not share something funny about your business or employees or just for fun
  • Feature Friday (#FeatureFriday) – A great opportunity to feature your products or services or a feature blog article
  • Feel Good Friday (#FeelGoodFriday) – Post feel-good photos or quotes related to your industry, product, or service


  • Small Business Saturday (#SmallBusinessSaturday) – Encourage your followers to shop local and support small businesses like yours!
  • Social Saturday (#SocialSaturday) – Let your audience know how you’re interacting with your local community via events, networking, promotions and voluntary work
  • Caturday (#Caturday) – Because I’m a cat lover and you’ll notice photos of my two fur-babies, Peanut & Cashew, on my social networks quite a lot.


  • Startup Sunday (#StartupSunday) – Share relevant business-related tips to support startups and help someone else turn their idea into a business
  • Sunday Read (#SundayRead) – Share one of your recent blog articles
  • Sunday Funday (#SundayFunday) – Share fun ideas on how to use your business’ products

These social media hashtag trends are a great way to help businesses engage with follows on their social networks and build brand awareness and has the potential to show that you are up to date on industry knowledge and trends.

Have I missed any hashtag trends that you feel are important to your business?




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