A Day in The Life of A Virtual Assistant

When attending networking events, I often see blank faces when I inform people that I am a Virtual Assistant.  I often get asked, “what’s that?”.

I use my elevator pitch to describe that my aim is to help business owners to be efficient and organised by offering virtual assistant services to support their administrative and creative (social) tasks, allowing them to focus on what makes them money.

A Virtual Assistant could also be described as a; Chief Organisation Officer, Anti-Chaos Technician, Admin-Chaos Buster, Chief Efficiency Officer, Your Virtual Secret Weapon and many more terms that describe the importance of a VA.

I would recommend to all business owners that they should use the support of a VA to help them to reach their business goals.  My clients would agree too! There’s nothing quite like having a competent and loyal resource by your side.

I work as a full-time VA, officially from 9 am – 5 pm and between Monday and Friday.  I batch my tasks so that I have an order to my day and do not switch from one task to another too frequently as this can reduce productivity, and I aim to be productive as possible.  I use a Time Tracking tool that enables me to record my time by the specific client name and by the specific project I am completing.

Here’s an example of a typical day in the life of a Virtual Assistant.  

7 am  I commence client work.  This could include monitoring a client’s email and removing junk mail, as well flagging important emails and/or responding on behalf of my clients.  It could also include sending diary reminders, following up on appointments or other diary management tasks.

9.30 am I check my emails and respond to any client emails or follow up any urgent tasks to determine and agree to a deadline.

10 am I research and schedule social media content for the agreed timeframes depending on agreements with the client. I manage social media channels for several clients within a variety of industries.

12 pm I break for lunch

12.45 pm Client work – work can vary depending on the client’s requirements and I could be completing tasks such as creating and setting up an e-newsletter/email campaign in Mailchimp to SEO blog writing, completing industry research, travel planning, data entry and more.

4 pm I check and respond to client emails and calls.  By batching tasks, it allows me to focus on the task in question so that I cannot be distracted by incoming mail. I have found that this works well.

4.30 pm I prioritise tasks for the following day before switching off for the evening.

Each day in the life of a Virtual Assistant can be varied and different depending on the tasks you must complete for that day and whether you’re going to meet a client or attend a networking event.  I love being a Virtual Assistant and helping so many business owners to succeed by providing them with dedicated support so that they don’t have to worry or stress over doing absolutely everything!

If you’re looking to partner with a Virtual Assistant so that you can focus on growing your business, please do not hesitate to contact Felicity at The Virtual Assistant UK to discuss how our VA services could support you.

Contact Felicity:- felicity@thevirtualassistantuk.com or 07702 349 962.

A Day in the Life of.....


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