Top Tips to Working with a Virtual Assistant

In last week’s blog we spoke about how outsourcing your administration can benefit your work life balance.  If you have so many tasks on your ‘To Do’ list that you have barely any time to focus on business and what makes you money then it would be worthwhile to consider appointing a Virtual Assistant (VA) and letting go of some of the administrative tasks that you find boring or annoying, to allow you to focus on what you love doing.

By hiring a freelance Virtual Assistant on either an ad-hoc or monthly retainer basis you get the help and support you need but without the costs of hiring an employee!

Here’s some top tips to successfully work with a Virtual Assistant:-

Get to know the VA

You want a VA who you get along with and feel comfortable trusting with your business information.  It’s OK to ask for testimonials and view references.  If you’re going to entrust someone with your brand, you want to make sure you can trust that person.

Be clear on what you want the VA to do

You want to make sure that the Virtual Assistant understands your business and the way you work.  Don’t be afraid to ask the VA questions to ensure they understand the tasks you’re asking them to undertake. Before hiring a VA, it is important that you have a clear idea of what tasks you are comfortable handing over to a VA.

Tell the VA what you expect & be clear on deadlines

You cannot assume that your VA will think and work exactly like you do so it is important that you provide clear instructions to reduce any risk of miscommunication.  It is a good idea to set deadlines however, you need to be realistic.  By doing this you will ensure you manage each other’s expectations.

Agree to a process

To ensure you minimise any chances of things going wrong, you need to consider how you approach, manage, and execute tasks to your VA. Will you verbally inform your VA of tasks or write them down?  Will you batch tasks together or send them as and when required?

It would be a good idea to create documented procedures to help educate your VA or commission your VA to create them for you.  It might be a good idea to commission your VA to review and improve or streamline your existing processes.

Trust your VA to do the job & Let Go

In order to work successfully together you have to trust your Virtual Assistant and trust that she has the skills required to manage.  Perhaps begin your relationship with a VA by passing over a task that you are comfortable to hand-over because believe it or not, the way the VA completes the task will tell you more about them and their personality.

You need to build a relationship; I recommend regular one 2 one meetings either in person, over the telephone or via Skype to ensure we build a solid working relationship.

There are contracts in place to protect clients on a legal standpoint.  Clients’ sensitive information, such as credit cards, bank accounts and passwords are protected with the highest levels of security available and I strictly adhere to these practices.

If you’re looking in to partnering with a VA, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation to discuss how Felicity at The Virtual Assistant UK could support you and your business.



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